Tap into web data feeds at scale!

Tap into web data feeds at scale!
Tap into at scale

We turn unstructured web content into machine-readable data feeds you can consume on demand.

Webhose.io Data Feeds Power the Top Data Mining Services and News Aggregator Players


Our Data Feeds

Stay up-to-the-minute and deliver comprehensive coverage of web data sets across multiple vertical content domains.


Monitor & analyze media outlets in all languages

Online Discussions

Keep up with conversations on message boards & forums


Track important updates across the blogosphere


Listen to the customers’ voice anywhere it’s heard

Dark Web

Uncover cyber threats across dark networks and messaging apps


Data Breaches

Detect compromised and personally identifiable info in one place


Historical Data

Perfect predictive models with over 10 years of archived data

How Webhose.io Helps Companies Enhance Their Offerings

Financial Analysis

Apply structured web data to your predictive analytics and risk modeling. Test your financial hypotheses and make data-driven investment decisions.

Market Research

Discover effective market opportunities with comprehensive coverage of news from competitors, product pricing information and online reviews.

AI & Machine Learning

Leverage high-quality datasets to train your artificial intelligence, NLP and machine learning models and develop your product or service.

Media & Web Monitoring

Get comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of your product or brand in near real-time so you’ll never miss an important story.

Cybersecurity Threat Intelligence

Stay on top of suspicious conversations in the dark, deep and open web to continuously monitor threats from hackers, terrorists and fraudsters.

Data Breach Detection

Gain immediate access to continuously scanned data across industries, from identity theft to eCommerce, medical and financial fraud.

How Web Data Feeds Work

Web data feeds deliver clean, structured, and organized datasets, which you can integrate quickly and easily into a wide variety of software applications. Our customers use web data feeds to power industry leading media monitoring services, business intelligence solutions, financial analysis initiatives, and even published academic research

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